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Envisioning Mixed Reality in tourism destinations

Mixed reality is the ultimate technology to help us envision how an old heritage site used to look like and experience how life used to be in its golden times. This is the best approach to what a “Time Machine” would let us experience in such kind of settings

How Pokemon Go can inspire tourism experiences: envisioning augmented reality in destinations (I)

Augmented Reality has been progressively integrated in the visitor’s experience, namely in tourist guide apps. However this technology could be leveraged for more ambitious marketing goals

Destination Marketing For Millennials

Millennials are the new tourist generation. Even if they still account for a small percentage of the market, they are an interesting target to consider. This article explains how destination marketing has to adapt to this new wave of tourists.

The Economic Impact of Tourism Development

Tourism used to be regarded as a secondary sector to care about, but figures state it very clearly: is the number 1 export business worldwide, and moreover is the key business sector for most developing economies

Collaborative tourism: is it an original business model?

A lot has been written about the new sharing economy business models, also labelled as collaborative tourism models. However, despite some innovative aspects of the models, it is interesting to reflect about all the building blocks of the models, so to see to what extent are these models really innovative

Cultural Tourism: Four Examples of How It Works for Destinations

Cultural tourism is along with Business tourism the biggest industry segment. However, far from being simple, it can be shaped through many different kinds of experiences.

Destination Marketing for Voluntourism

Voluntourism is one of the key concepts within the destination 3.0 system. However, attracting these type of travelers requires different marketing strategies, which you can find explained in this article.

Special interest tourism experiences

Special interest travel considered as a segment is probably among the most appealing for any destination, not only for its growth and its expenditure, but also for the tourist profile and the contribution to the destination’s sustainable development

Future tourists

The travel market evolves through the development of new niche and segments according to different kinds of motivations. This article summarizes a latest report on this issue.

Digital transformation in Tourism

As in most industries, digital technology is also transforming the tourism business. However, the unique nature of this industry makes the digital transformation to be unique as well