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Trends, ideas and case studies on tourism marketing

New Zealand, a story-marketing destination benchmark

New Zealand is a benchmark destination for many reasons, but its story based marketing is probably one of its top key success factors

Storytelling marketing for the Santiago Way’s pilgrimage

The Santiago Way is a great example to illustrate how life-changing experiences inspire successful storytelling. You have to live it to understand!

Clustering benefits for marketing

Clustering the destination is also convenient from the marketing perspective, so long as the cluster has a well defined identity and it is well marketed, cluster operators benefit from the attraction power of the cluster

Product competitiveness programs

There are three key tactics to enhance product competitiveness: cooperation between operators to boost innovation and create join packages, developing a product label system to market them according to product categories, and finally searching inspiration and best practices in the market top performing destinations

Product development programs

Beyond product co-creation, there are some standard strategies to leverage the potential of the destination in terms of product development

The Marketing Plan 3.0: sales & conversion tactics

The new wave technologies offer innovative ways to reach consumers and to offer deals according to their needs and wants: the challenge is therefore to leverage all this potential to optimize the business performance

The Marketing Plan 3.0: public relations tactics

No matter how important online marketing and social media become in marketing destinations, public relations tactics are never to be overlooked: the offline marketing never disappears and human relationships are always at the core of any connection

The Marketing Plan 3.0: communication tactics

Beyond social media, there should always be other supporting communication tactics both online and offline, also including the mobile apps!

The Marketing Plan 3.0 infrastructure: social media pages

Social media marketing is at the core of Marketing 3.0, for a good selection of social media platforms is essential to succeed.

The Marketing Plan 3.0 infrastructure: online platforms and database

One of the main advantages of developing a marketing model 3.0 is that the destination’s tourism businesses have a branded sales platform where to sell their services at a low fee: booking platform, online store, corporate website and open innovation system are the landing pages where stakeholders are expected to be driven to through the social media strategies