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Open innovation strategies for different kinds of outcomes: Marketing designs

Depending on the kind of desired outcome, there is one or another kind of contributors, and so the Open Innovation approach is also different. This article explains the strategies that most usually should apply for the creation of marketing designs.

Tourism Marketing with Instagram

As marketing has been evolving from offline to online, and within online to social media, also within social media there are some emerging platforms taking the lead in social media marketing, and even more when it comes to tourism marketing: Instagram is nowadays one of the social media platforms that cannot be overlooked in any destination marketing plan.

Destination Marketing For Millennials

Millennials are the new tourist generation. Even if they still account for a small percentage of the market, they are an interesting target to consider. This article explains how destination marketing has to adapt to this new wave of tourists.

The Marketing Plan 3.0: social media tactics

Social media platforms allow an increasing number of actions and tactics to enhance interaction and engagement. It is therefore necessary to keep updated with the new tools, and also challenge our imagination in developing new tactics that outperform our rivals’