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Destination Intelligence 3.0: Monitoring the tourism activity

Monitoring the destination activity and the demand characterization brings in many necessary insights for the destination executives to orientate their decisions

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Results evaluation

Such a critical and strategic practice needs to be constantly reviewed and evaluated, for it is necessary to establish a precise protocol to ensure an optimal evaluation

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Implementation key success factors

As a complex challenge entailing the collaboration of most stakeholders, there are many key success factors to take into account

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Implementation stages

As it happens with most disciplines there have to be followed some stages in implementing a Market Intelligence system, which in turn works as a process based upon cyclic phases

Destination Models 3.0: Key activities & management (IV)

Monitoring the evolution of the business model is necessary to assess the adequacy of the strategy and its execution. Tracking the accomplishment of goals, the tourist characterization, profitability, etc. are necessary to optimize strategy planning and execution.

Destination Models 3.0: Key activities & management (III)

Other key management activities to take into account are those related to service booking, quality control, market intelligence, and more specifically for this type of business models, the selection and integration of partners within the platform, and their shifting from one integration formula to another.

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Results and output types

In correspondence with the intelligence goals, there may be many different outputs and formats to distribute the information. Beyond the traditional reports, the online tools are to gain prominence profiting from their delivery and management speed

Destination Intelligence 3.0: methods and information sources

The privileged position of destination management organizations (DMO) provides them with a great advantage to obtain intelligence from the outbound market stakeholders

Destination Intelligence 3.0: market research specific objectives

There is a vast range of intelligence goals to be considered, depending on the budget and intelligence services to be provided to stakeholders.

Destination Models 3.0: Customer segments (II)

In the international travel market, there is nowadays an increasing fragmentation especially due to the raise of special interest travellers. These are highly educated individuals driven by values and cultural motivations in accordance with the aforementioned life-transforming experiences. Moreover, they are among the tourists accounting for the highest expenditures in the destinations.