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Destination Intelligence 3.0: fostering contribution and collaboration in the open innovation

Fairly rewarding contributions has always been an issue in open innovation, but also an interesting challenge to tackle. In mission driven destinations, many contributions are to be driven by the aim of working for the common good and social recognition.

Destination Intelligence 3.0: operation of the open innovation system

The most successful open innovation practices suggest that it has to be managed based upon formulating specific challenges to focus the innovation efforts most efficiently

Destination Intelligence 3.0: structure of the open innovation system

Open innovation may bring in solutions in many types of areas: technological solutions, business model innovation, product development, marketing contents, etc.

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Leveraging collective intelligence through open innovation

Open innovation is what sets Destination Intelligence 3.0 apart from other comparable proposals. It aims to leverage the collective intelligence of all stakeholders and make them notice how mission driven destinations arise solidarity in terms of free contributions from skilled participants whom in turn may eventually become destination’s brand ambassadors, thus creating a cost advantage over conventional destinations

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Implementation of the monitoring system

The implementation of the monitoring system is to be carried out by the Tourism Observatories. These are research centers created through a partnership between industry associations, local government and universities.

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Monitoring programs’ performance

Whenever there is being implemented a competitiveness program or a marketing campaign it is convenient to track the evolution of its intended impact to orientate the destination decision makers on the best strategy to follow in every case

Destination Marketing 3.0: Mobile Apps 3.0

An interesting way to foster stakeholder contribution and interactivity could be the Mobile Apps 3.0. These would be not only to provide information about the destination, but also to empower tourists and other stakeholders to connect with each other and contribute in the content marketing system

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Tracking tourist satisfaction in social media

Tourists’ satisfaction is key to boost destination recommendation, and friends & relatives recommendations have proved to be the best marketing. Therefore, monitoring their satisfaction and identifying reasons for dissatisfaction is key for marketing the destination successfully

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Capturing tourist insights

Beyond the usual monitoring research carried out by most Tourism Observatories, Destination Intelligence 3.0 envisions other research goals approaching more closely to the tourists concerns and aspirations, to leverage their intelligence and inspire new ideas for the destination’s executives

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Monitoring performance and demand characterization

There are many research goals to be monitored, such as occupancy rates, tourists’ satisfaction, evolution of the accommodation offer, demand characterization, etc.