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Tourism’s Important Role in Conservation Projects

Tourism development and conservation of the natural heritage have been and are still regarded as rather incompatible concepts. This article explains why this is not necessarily true: it is actually possible to create synergies between them in a destination.

4 Benefits that Sustainable Tourism Development Ensures for Cuba

Cuba tourism industry is a good case study to showcase what sustainable tourism development can do for a destination beyond its tourism industry. This article explains it well.

Six Models to Link Tourism to Conservation (II)

Following with a previous post, Solimar’s research provides many interesting insights on sustainable tourism.

Destination Marketing for Voluntourism

Voluntourism is one of the key concepts within the destination 3.0 system. However, attracting these type of travelers requires different marketing strategies, which you can find explained in this article.

Six Models that Link Tourism to Conservation, (I)

Environmental sustainability and tourism development have always been regarded as incompatible or at least difficult to integrate in practice. This article explains a few strategies that have proven to be effective in both directions.

Tourism: The Business of Protected Areas

While it is usually said that tourism activity is a threat to the conservation of environmentally fragile areas, the truth is that these areas rely on tourism as the main source of revenue, and that it does not pose any threat when it is properly managed.

Voluntourism, beyond responsible tourism

Beyond the practices related to responsible tourism, a new wave of tourism is appearing, in which the visitor has an active role in addressing the destination’s social or environmental challenges

Smart destinations

The SMART city trend is being introduced in the destination development strategies. This article explains the main features of Smart destinations, with some examples.

Sustainable management of tourism destinations: challenges, goals and advantages

Destination models 3.0 sets not only economic development goals, but also environmental and social sustainability goals. This article develops all the sustainable development goals according to UNWTO

Tourism business trends for 2017: Social responsibility is profitable

Beyond ethical concerns, responsible practices are a significant contributor to long-term business profitability. This article provides a theoretical explanation with some examples from the tourism industry.