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The Marketing Plan 3.0: Targeting or segmentation strategy

There are four main segments to target within the so called Tourists 3.0: special interest travelers, concerned travelers, millenials and younger generations. These are the key strategic targets to make the marketing 3.0 system develop to the utmost

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Positioning or brand strategy

When crafting the brand strategy, we define the words that are to convey the destination’s value proposition and key attributes, which ultimately define the brand’s identity

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Drafting strategy goals

Once the mission statements are crafted, the strategy plan starts by drafting the goals and objectives in relation to every featured strategy

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Building the vision and the mission

Building a transformational vision and mission is the big difference that sets destinations 3.0 apart from others, and this has to be done with the participation of all the key stakeholders to commit them from the outset

The Vision of Tourism 3.0

The Vision of Tourism 3.0 depicts how Marketing 3.0 is likely to shape the destinations’ development strategies, business models and marketing systems, as well as the positive impacts that they may have in the environment and the society.