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The 5 Competitive forces: Rivalry among competitors

Rivalry among competitors may be based upon price or value differentiation: the second is without any doubt the one that guarantees sustainable profitabilty

The 5 Competitive forces: The threat of substitutes

Substitutes in tourism are all those businesses not belonging to the industry which may satisfy the same needs: other tourism sector’s businesses, collaborative business models such as Airbnb or even video-conference suppliers in the case of business tourism

The 5 Competitive forces: The power of buyers

In the tourism industry’s 5 competitive forces analysis, buyers are not only tourists but also all the marketing operators in between the destination businesses and the final clients

The 5 Competitive forces: The power of suppliers

In the tourism industry, the key suppliers are considered to be the human resources, land owners, the construction sector, utilities and the government as urban planner and license provider

The 5 Competitive forces: the threat of new entrants. Barriers to entry or challenges to compete successfully

Beyond the barriers to start operating a business, there are those to make the business competitive and profitable over the long term: these are essential to ensure the sustainability of the business

The 5 Competitive forces: the threat of new entrants. Initial barriers to entry

When analyzing whether to compete or not in a business sector, there are many issues to analyze. First of all, the barriers to start operating the business

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Social media strategy for Twitter

Twitter is likely to be a key social media platform, especially for delivering news about the destination, performing viral campaigns, polls, etc.

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Formulating social media strategy

The social media strategy is to decide what platforms to use, the turning points to start developing each platform, and the goals, targets, activities, and types of content for every platform

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Defining target profiles

Following up with the target roles, it is necessary to define all kinds of targets that may take one or some of these roles

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Defining targets’ roles

In destination marketing 3.0 we do not only want customers to buy our products, we also want most stakeholders to take one or many roles in contributing to and promoting our destination