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Clustering benefits for profitability and growth

The synergies created within the cluster between the operators and the optimization of the cluster’s services and infrastructures are the key factors that make clustering strategy a source of profitability and growth, so long as this profitability attracts more investments

Clustering benefits for competitiveness

Clustering strategy is not only to leverage natural or cultural heritage, but also to structure the tourism offer more efficiently, hence improving the destination competitiveness

The origins of tourism clusters

The clusters may be created as a result of many different phenomena, though in the case of tourism destinations this is usually the concentration of natural or cultural heritage. However, it is interesting to see how some tourism clusters are created following a story very similar to that of industrial clusters. This is the case of Theme Park clusters.

A theoretical approach to cluster development

Clusters are a key concept to design competitive destinations as to ensure their sustainable development. However, it is necessary to consider many factors to make the clustering strategy work, where cooperation between various agents is crucial.

What is a cluster and why are they created?

Regardless of the destination’s dimension, tourism planning should always consider its cluster structure: to what extent may the destination be split into areas according to distinct natural features or different types of business concentration?

Destination models’ brand values related variables

Brand related values are those that are central to the destination brand definition, mostly related to its character or personality

The destination model as a key factor for competitiveness and sustainability

The destination model is the main strategic framework upon which the tourism development is based. It determines the key variables that define the destination’s identity as eas the key drivers of its growth.

Understanding the forces to design strategy

Either if you are a small player searching for your niche or you are a bigger one willing to make a disruptive move, a sound analysis of the forces is necessary to design a successful strategy

Changing forces, reshaping profitability

So long as new technologies appear, there are mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets, new business models, etc. the industry structure changes and so do some of the competitive forces. This changes lead almost inevitably to reshape profitability

Factors to consider when analyzing the industry profitability

Beyond the 5 Competitive forces analysis, there are other factors to take into account when analyzing the attractiveness of a business sector for the destination