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The Marketing Plan 3.0: Content strategy development stages

The development of a content marketing system entails many stages, corresponding to the different kinds of contributors we intend to engage

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Communication strategy

The communication strategy showcases the transition process that entails implementing a marketing system 3.0, and it is based upon content and social media marketing

Destination Models 3.0: Development strategies (III)

As it takes a certain time for the open innovation ecosystem to become a productive content marketing machine, it is necessary to use other marketing strategies along the early stages of the destination model development

Destination Marketing 3.0: Mobile Apps 3.0

An interesting way to foster stakeholder contribution and interactivity could be the Mobile Apps 3.0. These would be not only to provide information about the destination, but also to empower tourists and other stakeholders to connect with each other and contribute in the content marketing system

Destination Marketing 3.0: Co-creation workshops

An interesting activity both to promote contribution and to educate people on creating in collaboration are the Co-creation workshops

Destination Marketing 3.0: Content creation contests

One of the activities to foster contribution to the content marketing system may be the content marketing contests, as a special event to generate publicity about the chance to contribute to the destination’s mission accomplishment, among other possible motivations such as social reputation

Destination Marketing 3.0: Internal marketing strategy

To engage and commit stakeholders with the mission accomplishment, there has to be an Internal Marketing Plan to communicate the vision, mission and values to all the targeted stakeholders. Beyond communicating to arise interest, commitment is achieved through preaching by behaving according to the stated values.

Destination Models 3.0: Key activities & management (II)

Other key activities to consider are the strategic planning, implementation and monitoring; marketing; human resources training, etc.

Destination Models 3.0: Key activities & management (I)

Destination models 3.0 are complex in nature, and so it is the system of activities that need to be coordinated and managed to sustain its competitive advantage and make the destination model develop up to the utmost of its potential. The open innovation system is the central activity that nurtures and sustains the competitive advantage of the business model, from which many kinds of outcomes are expected.

Destination Marketing 3.0: Communication strategy (II)

It is essential to search and identify mission driven stakeholders and like-minded contributors on an ongoing basis, to nurture and expand the content marketing system and the network of brand ambassadors.