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What makes stories compelling

There are many ingredients to consider when creating a story to make it compelling: realism, plot, characters, suspense, etc. but beyond possible formulas, story crafting is an art!

Storytelling as a driver of organizational change

Beyond attracting tourists, storytelling is also a powerful strategy to drive a culture change throughout the destination’s DMO and its stakeholders

Storytelling to build emotional connection

It is through the identification with the story characters that we build an emotional connection with the story and hence with the destination brand

The power of storytelling

Stories work like a mirror where we like to find ourselves, as they help us shape our identity through the characters we admire

Stories are the new marketing

In Tourism 3.0 the target tourists look for stories that inspire them to travel, and they tell their stories too, to inspire other travelers to enjoy the same experiences

The Marketing Plan 3.0: content tactics

Storytelling marketing is nowadays more necessary than ever, but also more complex, as the content has to be adapted to platforms and devices, and to compete with many other outstanding contents for the attention of the audience

The Marketing Plan 3.0: selling the vision to community stakeholders

To gain the support of all the necessary stakeholders in developing the new marketing model, it is necessary to make them envision how this change will generate profits for the whole destination community

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Social media strategy for Youtube

So long as the video is to become the most popular type of content in the social media platforms, Youtube is to take special relevance since the early stages of the new marketing system development

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Establishing a content delivery calendar

Content needs to be delivered with a consistent and predictable frequency, to keep the audience engaged, but without overwhelming them

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Designing purpose driven content

Content marketing is due to make the audience take a specific action, and so it has to be thought since the very beginning, in the strategy conception