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The Marketing Plan 3.0: Formulating social media strategy

The social media strategy is to decide what platforms to use, the turning points to start developing each platform, and the goals, targets, activities, and types of content for every platform

The Marketing Plan 3.0: market research for the social Media strategy

Before crafting the social media strategy it is necessary to research on our audience targets and competitors to have a clear vision about opportunities and threats for our destination in the social networks

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Setting goals for the social media strategy

Apart from delivering the marketing contents, the social media platforms are to convey the interaction and contribution, as well as to build the stakeholder community among other goals

The Marketing Plan 3.0: General tips for the content strategy

An ambitions content strategy is likely to deal with many platforms, target many markets, deliver through many devices, etc. and this complexity requires thoughtful reflection and advice