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Voluntourism, beyond responsible tourism

Beyond the practices related to responsible tourism, a new wave of tourism is appearing, in which the visitor has an active role in addressing the destination’s social or environmental challenges

Bringing value through social tourism

Corporate Social Responsibility may be developed through many types of policies in the tourism industry. This article explains some of these policies.

Sustainable management of tourism destinations: challenges, goals and advantages

Destination models 3.0 sets not only economic development goals, but also environmental and social sustainability goals. This article develops all the sustainable development goals according to UNWTO

Tourism business trends for 2017: Social responsibility is profitable

Beyond ethical concerns, responsible practices are a significant contributor to long-term business profitability. This article provides a theoretical explanation with some examples from the tourism industry.

Story innovation concepts: added value & crowd game driven experiences

Beyond the story driven experience in the destination, the story potential for business and influence may be leveraged in many ways, providing added value experiences

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Building the vision and the mission

Building a transformational vision and mission is the big difference that sets destinations 3.0 apart from others, and this has to be done with the participation of all the key stakeholders to commit them from the outset

Destination Marketing 3.0: Implementation

The implementation of the new storytelling based marketing is to be carried out progressively, shifting from a pull marketing to a push marketing as long as the storytelling marketing proves to be powerful enough to withdraw budget from conventional marketing activities

Destination Models 3.0: Integrating partners (V)

In many cases the tourism development will require not only to integrate businesses, land and facilities’ owners, but also to invest in developing new infrastructure or renovating heritage and urban aesthetics, for it may be necessary to attract investors beyond the local players

Destination Models 3.0: Integrating partners (IV)

The challenge of integrating all the community of stakeholders requires its own marketing plan, usually known as internal marketing plan. This plan should encompass the target stakeholders to attract in every phase, the integration formulas, and the communication strategies and actions to achieve these goals

Destination Models 3.0: Environmental benefits

When focusing on environmental protection and sustainability, in the case of nature-based tourism destinations, the destination model may take many kinds of initiatives such as collaboration with research programs, featuring educational programs, implementing environmental friendly practices, etc.