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Enhancing competitiveness through open innovation

The Open innovation system is to be one of the main sources of ideas for product improvement and new product development. There are, however, many ways to canalize the creativity from the open innovation system

Product competitiveness strategy: marketing & management

Beyond creative solutions, there are some standard ideas for leveraging the site’s potential, attracting new tourism flows and generate new revenue streams.

Product competitiveness strategy: infrastructures and services

When assessing the site or product competitiveness, there are many issues to consider with regards to the discomforts and risks, which may unfortunately spoil the whole experience

Product competitiveness strategy: resources & experiences

Improving current products’ attractiveness is usually one of the main challenges of tourism planners, for which there are some solutions applicable in many cases

Product development programs

Beyond product co-creation, there are some standard strategies to leverage the potential of the destination in terms of product development

Product development through co-creation

Product co-creation is one of the main distinctive points of Tourism 3.0, but this may be carried out through many different ways

The Marketing Plan 3.0: product development tactics

Product co-creation is one of the hallmarks of destination marketing 3.0, and so the challenge of marketers 3.0 is to develop many effective tactics to leverage the stakeholders’ creativity and drive product co-creation