Tag: product strategy

Destination models’ product & market related variables

The product and targeting strategies determine what kind of activities will be developed and what kind of tourists will the destination receive, and therefore an essential part of the destination image

Story innovation concepts: story platform

A story platform is not only the scenario where the story takes place, but also the backbone of the story, the key elements from which every contributor may create his or her own story

Attractiveness assessment for the tourism industry

When assessing which businesses are more appropriate to develop in the destination there are many variables to analyze, starting by the 5 competitive forces

Crafting the business portfolio strategy

Tourism is not just a business: there are an increasing number of tourism sectors that need to be considered individually when deciding what kind of tourism activities have to be developed in the destination

The Marketing Plan 3.0 Product strategy: merchandise product line

Beyond developing a new source of revenue streams, developing an attractive line of merchandise branded products is also a very effective way to promote the destination’s brand

The Marketing Plan 3.0 Product strategy: improving competitiveness

Beyond developing new product lines, it is convenient to keep on improving the current products’ competitiveness, to gain or at least to maintain the competitive advantage in relation to the other destinations

The Marketing Plan 3.0 Product strategy: developing special interest experiences

One of the key product lines is the special interest tourism, which encompasses a broad range of tourism activities