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Why Do We Need Public–Private Partnerships in Sustainable Tourism?

Tourism development can barely ever be carried out by the private sector itself: from the service facilities to the destination marketing, governments have a key role in its development. Shaping collaborative models between private and public sector is therefore essential for the destination’s success.

The Collective Impact Framework

Developing a mission driven business partnership is a complex challenge. The Collective Impact Framework sets the path to align all partners goals and strategies in order to maximize their aggregated impact

Competitiveness clubs

An ideal way to foster cooperation among industry stakeholders is the creation of a Competitiveness Club, which works as a Think Tank dedicated to the destination competitiveness issues

Key tourism industry players

When analyzing the 5 competitive forces and the industry structure, it is necessary to have a layout of the key industry players

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Engaging partners

Partners are an essential component of collaborative business models, and when we develop a marketing system 3.0 we are actually changing an important part of the destination business model