Tag: operational marketing

The Marketing Plan 3.0: product development tactics

Product co-creation is one of the hallmarks of destination marketing 3.0, and so the challenge of marketers 3.0 is to develop many effective tactics to leverage the stakeholders’ creativity and drive product co-creation

The Marketing Plan 3.0: sales & conversion tactics

The new wave technologies offer innovative ways to reach consumers and to offer deals according to their needs and wants: the challenge is therefore to leverage all this potential to optimize the business performance

The Marketing Plan 3.0: public relations tactics

No matter how important online marketing and social media become in marketing destinations, public relations tactics are never to be overlooked: the offline marketing never disappears and human relationships are always at the core of any connection

The Marketing Plan 3.0: social media tactics

Social media platforms allow an increasing number of actions and tactics to enhance interaction and engagement. It is therefore necessary to keep updated with the new tools, and also challenge our imagination in developing new tactics that outperform our rivals’

The Marketing Plan 3.0: content tactics

Storytelling marketing is nowadays more necessary than ever, but also more complex, as the content has to be adapted to platforms and devices, and to compete with many other outstanding contents for the attention of the audience

The Marketing Plan 3.0 infrastructure: online platforms and database

One of the main advantages of developing a marketing model 3.0 is that the destination’s tourism businesses have a branded sales platform where to sell their services at a low fee: booking platform, online store, corporate website and open innovation system are the landing pages where stakeholders are expected to be driven to through the social media strategies