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Story innovation framework and guidelines

When drafting new types of story driven experiences in a destination, there are many variables to take into account, given the potential complexity we can envision

Story audience profiles: how does each interact with the stories?

When creating stories to engage our target audience, it is necessary to understand that story enthusiasts are not likely to interact the same way, and so it is convenient to facilitate all types of desired interaction

Future story trends: audience’s future needs and desires

The new wave technology offers us new ways to interact and contribute in the story process. Some trends have been identified on how this interaction could be shaped in the future

Crafting the business portfolio strategy

Tourism is not just a business: there are an increasing number of tourism sectors that need to be considered individually when deciding what kind of tourism activities have to be developed in the destination

Types of stories

When crafting stories, the limits are our imagination, but to start with it is always helpful to have a set of ideas on what type of story we want to tell

The seven stages of a story

As we identify the key success ingredients, we also define the guidelines for a compelling story plot

What makes stories compelling

There are many ingredients to consider when creating a story to make it compelling: realism, plot, characters, suspense, etc. but beyond possible formulas, story crafting is an art!

Storytelling as a driver of organizational change

Beyond attracting tourists, storytelling is also a powerful strategy to drive a culture change throughout the destination’s DMO and its stakeholders

Storytelling to build emotional connection

It is through the identification with the story characters that we build an emotional connection with the story and hence with the destination brand

The power of storytelling

Stories work like a mirror where we like to find ourselves, as they help us shape our identity through the characters we admire