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7 Components of a Great Integrated Marketing Program

Marketing is nowadays more complex than ever, and so designing a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all possible communication channels and stakeholders requires deep know-how and expertise. This article synthesizes the key success factors to make it happen.

Brand Planning Should be the CEO’s Baby

Brand development goes far beyond the marketing planning and management. It has to be embedded in the CEO’s leadership role to ensure the brand’s success

Creating a Baseline to Measure Your New Marketing Results

Marketing planning is an exciting but complex challenge in most cases. This article summarizes the process in 4 steps, highlighting the importance and procedure of KPI monitoring, too often overlooked!

Destination models’ brand values related variables

Brand related values are those that are central to the destination brand definition, mostly related to its character or personality

Destination models’ product & market related variables

The product and targeting strategies determine what kind of activities will be developed and what kind of tourists will the destination receive, and therefore an essential part of the destination image

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Social media strategy for Pinterest

Pinterest has an interesting potential for many marketing activities such as contests, but also for social commerce, for it is to be taken into account despite its minor reach

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Social media strategy for Google+

Google + is growing its influence among the social media networks, leveraging many of the Google search engine strengths, such as favoring the SEO of the brands with a Google + account

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Social media strategy for Youtube

So long as the video is to become the most popular type of content in the social media platforms, Youtube is to take special relevance since the early stages of the new marketing system development

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Social media strategy for Twitter

Twitter is likely to be a key social media platform, especially for delivering news about the destination, performing viral campaigns, polls, etc.

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Social media strategy for Facebook

Facebook is the most important social media platform, for its reach to all targets and its capability to convey various types of content and hold many kinds of marketing activities