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Monitoring results

As for all strategies, storytelling results need to be monitored to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of the marketing goals. We distinguish four categories of KPI for storytelling marketing: impact, integration, interactivity, and immersion.

Strategies to foster story virality

Storytelling effectiveness is called virality, but there is no secret formula to make it happen. Beyond inspiration and writing skills, there are some key strategies to follow to enhance your changes of success

Story audience profiles: how does each interact with the stories?

When creating stories to engage our target audience, it is necessary to understand that story enthusiasts are not likely to interact the same way, and so it is convenient to facilitate all types of desired interaction

Stories are the new marketing

In Tourism 3.0 the target tourists look for stories that inspire them to travel, and they tell their stories too, to inspire other travelers to enjoy the same experiences

The Marketing Plan 3.0 sales strategy: developing new channels

So long as we develop new product lines, these need their own sales channels. Moreover, the online platforms are to concentrate the bulk of the service and product sales.