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The Marketing Plan 3.0: selling the vision to investors

Whenever the new tourism development requires some significant investments, it may be convenient to attract investors instead of asking for credit loans. To do so, it is also necessary to prepare specific contents and presentations. In this case, it is convenient to present the business oriented Marketing Plan with the investment projects and their feasibility study.

In some cases it may be that there are some clearly profitable investments and others which are strategic or profitable in a less quantifiable way, because they affect all local businesses or they are just “socially profitable”. In these cases it is recommended to offer the first kind of investment projects to private investors and try to engage the government for the socially profitable or general interest project. However, in some cases the government may not be able to assume the investment or only a part of it, and then it is necessary to find imaginative models and formulas to make the project profitable for a private investor and calculate its estimated profitability.

Even if there may be these needs for external funding at the early stage of the project, in expecting a successful development of the project it is desirable that local stakeholders assume the ownership of these investments over time, to better guarantee a long term commitment to the destination and the business’ engagement with the mission accomplishment.

What other points would you consider when marketing the vision to investors?