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Destinations with a soul (II)

Following with the first part of the article released last November, this second part explains some of its limitations and some insights on how to put it into practice, providing also reference literature.

Developing destination’s spiritual value

Enhancing the destination’s spiritual value is about creating positive impacts both on the environment and the local community, namely in the bottom of the pyramid, integrating all the locals as contributors to the tourism system, and also letting them all profit from the tourism development

The Marketing Plan 3.0: selling the vision to community stakeholders

To gain the support of all the necessary stakeholders in developing the new marketing model, it is necessary to make them envision how this change will generate profits for the whole destination community

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Social media strategy for Facebook

Facebook is the most important social media platform, for its reach to all targets and its capability to convey various types of content and hold many kinds of marketing activities

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Setting goals for the social media strategy

Apart from delivering the marketing contents, the social media platforms are to convey the interaction and contribution, as well as to build the stakeholder community among other goals

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Types of content pieces and formats

The more marketing goals we have to attain, the more roles we intend the targets to engage in, the more platforms and devices we want to deliver the content through will necessarily require a broader variety of content pieces and formats

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Designing purpose driven content

Content marketing is due to make the audience take a specific action, and so it has to be thought since the very beginning, in the strategy conception

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Content strategy development stages

The development of a content marketing system entails many stages, corresponding to the different kinds of contributors we intend to engage

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Communication strategy

The communication strategy showcases the transition process that entails implementing a marketing system 3.0, and it is based upon content and social media marketing

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Communication goals

In destination marketing 3.0, the communication goals go far beyond the product and the brand: they are about connecting, engaging and building community