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Top tourism trends for 2020 (I)

As it happens in all industries, tourism is changing faster than ever due to social, economic and technological changes. Integrating them within your business strategy turns them into new opportunities to leap forward. This series of articles presents the key trends that will shape the travel industry along this coming year 2020, and probably beyond.

The Collective Impact Framework

Developing a mission driven business partnership is a complex challenge. The Collective Impact Framework sets the path to align all partners goals and strategies in order to maximize their aggregated impact

Developing destination’s emotional value: feelings

Beyond experiences, the destination atmosphere is also a key emotional factor to take into account, and there are many programs that can be developed to create a special atmosphere that sets the destination apart from others

Cross-destination competitiveness programs: strategy enforcement & sustainability

Strategy implementation is not an easy challenge. It is necessary to analyze bureaucratic and regulation obstacles, as well as the need for convincing and engaging all the stakeholders who have to participate to make it successful. Further, sometimes it is also necessary to regard their obstacles, such as the need for financial resources

The principles and goals of a destination model: sustainability

As the core strategic framework, the model has to set the stage for a sustainable development ensuring that the new development does not comopromise the future needs of the local community