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Is Your Tourism Marketing Tapping into Visitor Feelings?

Some marketers still believe that listing and explaining the outstanding features or attractions is everything when marketing a destination. However, the truth is that feelings and emotions are not only what tourists are looking for, but also the key to influence their decision making.

Are Emotional Benefits Always in Your Destination and Place Branding?

Any brand is defined by a central identity and a bunch of values that characterize its personality. These values convey certain emotions to the client, and are ultimately a very important factor in the decision making process.

Developing destination’s emotional value: feelings

Beyond experiences, the destination atmosphere is also a key emotional factor to take into account, and there are many programs that can be developed to create a special atmosphere that sets the destination apart from others

Developing emotional value: experiences

Experiences are the core of tourism competitiveness: this is what makes the difference between a good destination and a memorable one, they are what we are likely to remember for the rest of our lives and inspire the storytelling that boosts the marketing system