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Developing Mobile Apps for Destinations

Travel Apps are booming along the latest years, also for marketing destinations. But obviously just a few of them can consider themselves successful. This article explains the key to developing Apps that truly stand out and succeed in such a competitive and dynamic market.

Is Transmedia Storytelling the New Marketing?

Storytelling is in the core of new marketing, and transmedia storytelling is the latest and most advanced way to tell stories. Is therefore transmedia storytelling the new and most advanced marketing system?

Southern Success Story: Effective Online Tourism Marketing of US Gulf Coast States

Internet marketing accounts for the bulk of the marketing efforts in the tourism industry. However, this efforts are truly successful only in some cases. This article showcases an example on how online marketing can be truly effective for a destination.

Storytelling: What Makes a Good Story?

Storytelling has proved to be the most effective marketing strategy to attract and engage costumers. The digital era is now reviving it adapting the core concepts to the new technological environment.

How Has Digital Changed Destination Touchpoints?

The digitalization of marketing is for destinations -as for most brands- a major challenge, not for the new technologies integration, but for the increased complexity and exposure of its blueprint, the touching points between the brand value and its customers.

Tourism 3.0 – Innovation and digital competences

Beyond the mega-trends that set Tourism 3.0 apart from conventional models, it is evident that not only the future but also the present state of the tourism industry is to be developed upon the new technologies along the whole industry value chain