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How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA: Part Two

Many towns which have never focused their attention on the tourism industry are now trying to define their identity to build their destination brand. This challenge requires a thorough process to follow.

How Has Digital Changed Destination Touchpoints?

The digitalization of marketing is for destinations -as for most brands- a major challenge, not for the new technologies integration, but for the increased complexity and exposure of its blueprint, the touching points between the brand value and its customers.

Disney “Commandments” = Great Learning for Cities and Downtowns

Disney once disrupted the tourism industry with its development of Theme Parks, and many others followed. However Disney best practices in destination development are not only useful for Theme Parks. Traditional destinations have a lot to learn. This article summarizes 10 key lessons on destination development by Disney

What’s Involved in Destination Leadership Success?

So long as the tourism industry landscape and marketing trends evolve, DMO development has to adjust necessarily to this changing environment. This article is about a book on DMO design, development and management.

How do Theme Park clusters develop?

Theme Park clusters follow similar strategies and dynamics as that of industrial clusters. They are a special case study to which it is worth paying attention.

A theoretical approach to cluster development

Clusters are a key concept to design competitive destinations as to ensure their sustainable development. However, it is necessary to consider many factors to make the clustering strategy work, where cooperation between various agents is crucial.