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3 Transmedia Tactics for Creating Compelling Audience Experiences

Standing out in the digital media among all content is -needless to say- a challenge that few professionals truly manage to succeed in. This article explains 3 tactics to hook your readers’ attention and awake interest in following you in subsequent chapters or stories

Tomorrow’s DMOs Must Become Brand Managers

Marketing digitalization is leading to changing roles in managing all marketing activities. This article explains how some of these roles should change in destination marketing

Southern Success Story: Effective Online Tourism Marketing of US Gulf Coast States

Internet marketing accounts for the bulk of the marketing efforts in the tourism industry. However, this efforts are truly successful only in some cases. This article showcases an example on how online marketing can be truly effective for a destination.

Why Isn’t Anyone Supporting our City Brand?

Destination brands cannot be created artificially out of someone’s imagination. Rather they have to be based on the local reality and the stakeholders opinion’s, also to gain their support in the development of the brand.

How to measure transmedia experiences

Transmedia is the latest strategy to optimize the storytelling effectiveness, which consists on combining various media to deliver the story, further leveraging the strengths of each media platform. Measuring success is more complex, but this article provides some clues.

5 recommendable Destination Branding Books

Destination branding principles remain invariable to some extent. However, the evolution of marketing makes it mandatory to update the branding principles and adapt them to the latest marketing trends.

Amplify Your Roar: Leverage Social Media to Market Your Destination

With social media the marketing paradigms have radically changed. Adapting to these changes entails radically redesigning the whole marketing strategy. This article poses a few key questions to assess how good is a destination’s social media marketing

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA: Part Three

Beyond the advantage for tourism development, caring about the city’s image and landscaping also has many benefits for other sectors of the economy, so long as it gains an advantage at gaining talent and therefore also further investments.

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA: Part Two

Many towns which have never focused their attention on the tourism industry are now trying to define their identity to build their destination brand. This challenge requires a thorough process to follow.

The Basics of Integrated Marketing Programs

In other blog posts we have been talking a lot about Integrated Marketing, but what exactly is an integrated marketing program? And why is it important?