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Why are Bland Brands So Common? PART TWO

Defining an optimum destination brand requires first to define the destination’s competitive position. However, this may entail many different types of challenges.

Destination Marketing For Millennials

Millennials are the new tourist generation. Even if they still account for a small percentage of the market, they are an interesting target to consider. This article explains how destination marketing has to adapt to this new wave of tourists.

Why is a Bland Place Brand the Fast Path to a Non-Brand? – PART ONE

Despite advocating for stakeholder participation in the branding decision-making process, the right choice is not likely to be the one that pleases all the participants. The marketers opinions should have a much higher consideration, so long as the brand is to attract customers, and that’s the marketers’ job

Using Pinterest for Destination Marketing

Pinterest is one of the emerging social media platforms, with many special features that make it interesting for some businesses. This article explains what Pinterest can do to market a destination

Is Transmedia Storytelling the New Marketing?

Storytelling is in the core of new marketing, and transmedia storytelling is the latest and most advanced way to tell stories. Is therefore transmedia storytelling the new and most advanced marketing system?

Why Isn’t Anyone Supporting our City Brand?

Rebranding a destination entails much more than just the creative job of crafting the new brand’s logo and tagline. This article explains briefly the key steps not to be missed.

Key Takeaways from #SoMeT13US, the Social Media Tourism Symposium

Marketing is evolving faster than ever in all sectors, and tourism is not an exception. This article explains some key marketing trends affecting tourism

When is the Right Time to Rebrand a City?

Branding, as well as all other marketing aspects, needs to be renewed from time to time, mainly according to the society’s and destination evolution, to motivate existing and new demand, etc. However, some times, destinations need repositioning. This article explains the difference

Small Town Tourism and Transmedia Storytelling

A lot has been already explained about Transmedia Storytelling, but nothing better than a case study that illustrates how this works for destinations

Creating a Baseline to Measure Your New Marketing Results

Marketing planning is an exciting but complex challenge in most cases. This article summarizes the process in 4 steps, highlighting the importance and procedure of KPI monitoring, too often overlooked!