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The Evolution of Destination Management

Tourism 3.0 sets a reference model for many aspects of the destination’s development, as an ideal to be attained rather in the mid or long term. This article explains the current progress in destination management, in the direction towards Tourism 3.0

Disney “Commandments” = Great Learning for Cities and Downtowns

Disney once disrupted the tourism industry with its development of Theme Parks, and many others followed. However Disney best practices in destination development are not only useful for Theme Parks. Traditional destinations have a lot to learn. This article summarizes 10 key lessons on destination development by Disney

What’s Involved in Destination Leadership Success?

So long as the tourism industry landscape and marketing trends evolve, DMO development has to adjust necessarily to this changing environment. This article is about a book on DMO design, development and management.

Typical challenges in mature destinations (II)

Clustering strategy, along with other specific strategies may address most of the challenges that mature destinations usually have to face.

Tracking destination performance for the Competitiveness Plan

Implementing the competitiveness programs entails setting clear and measurable key performance indicators for each program. They are to help us assessing the success of each program along the implementation process.