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Is Place Branding Still Relevant for Cities?

With the marketing digitalization, destination branding has gained significant relevance, so long as the brand is subject to continuous and visible comments, news and opinions which eventually determine the brand image of a destination.

5 recommendable Destination Branding Books

Destination branding principles remain invariable to some extent. However, the evolution of marketing makes it mandatory to update the branding principles and adapt them to the latest marketing trends.

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA: Part Three

Beyond the advantage for tourism development, caring about the city’s image and landscaping also has many benefits for other sectors of the economy, so long as it gains an advantage at gaining talent and therefore also further investments.

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA: Part Two

Many towns which have never focused their attention on the tourism industry are now trying to define their identity to build their destination brand. This challenge requires a thorough process to follow.

How to Avoid Being Anytown, USA – Part 1

Setting a destination apart from others is not easy if it lacks distinctive resources. This series of articles explain what to avoid doing and what destinations can do to develop an attractive brand.

How Has Digital Changed Destination Touchpoints?

The digitalization of marketing is for destinations -as for most brands- a major challenge, not for the new technologies integration, but for the increased complexity and exposure of its blueprint, the touching points between the brand value and its customers.

Disney “Commandments” = Great Learning for Cities and Downtowns

Disney once disrupted the tourism industry with its development of Theme Parks, and many others followed. However Disney best practices in destination development are not only useful for Theme Parks. Traditional destinations have a lot to learn. This article summarizes 10 key lessons on destination development by Disney

It Takes a Culture of Collaboration to Deliver a Place Brand

So long as the destination brand promise is delivered through each of its service business and local population, a successful brand delivery requires not only convincing all local stakeholders to buy in but also to make them collaborate

What’s Involved in Destination Leadership Success?

So long as the tourism industry landscape and marketing trends evolve, DMO development has to adjust necessarily to this changing environment. This article is about a book on DMO design, development and management.

How Should You Assess a Destination Tagline?

Among the various elements that convey the values and attributes of a brand, the tagline is probably the most explicit and direct. But crafting an attractive tagline for a destination requires to consider some important reflections and rules