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Destination Branding is a Marathon Not a Sprint

The difference between marketing and branding It is often misunderstood , as well as the reasonable time frame when to expect the results. This article provides many insights to help us understand these differences.

Fifteen Common Place Branding Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Branding strategy implementation has to face many unexpected challenges. This article lists many of these issues, to be taken into account for a better planning and a successful implementation.

Brand Planning Should be the CEO’s Baby

Brand development goes far beyond the marketing planning and management. It has to be embedded in the CEO’s leadership role to ensure the brand’s success

Why are Bland Brands So Common? PART TWO

Defining an optimum destination brand requires first to define the destination’s competitive position. However, this may entail many different types of challenges.

Why is a Bland Place Brand the Fast Path to a Non-Brand? – PART ONE

Despite advocating for stakeholder participation in the branding decision-making process, the right choice is not likely to be the one that pleases all the participants. The marketers opinions should have a much higher consideration, so long as the brand is to attract customers, and that’s the marketers’ job

Whose Place Brand is it Anyway?

As with most strategies, but actually above most of them, branding strategy needs to be consistent and long term lasting to be effective. Therefore, beyond the need for consensus among destination stakeholders, it is necessary that destination executives respect the “branding legacy” of their predecessors and look for consensus in case they see any need for change

Why Isn’t Anyone Supporting our City Brand?

Rebranding a destination entails much more than just the creative job of crafting the new brand’s logo and tagline. This article explains briefly the key steps not to be missed.

When is the Right Time to Rebrand a City?

Branding, as well as all other marketing aspects, needs to be renewed from time to time, mainly according to the society’s and destination evolution, to motivate existing and new demand, etc. However, some times, destinations need repositioning. This article explains the difference

Tomorrow’s DMOs Must Become Brand Managers

Marketing digitalization is leading to changing roles in managing all marketing activities. This article explains how some of these roles should change in destination marketing

Why Isn’t Anyone Supporting our City Brand?

Destination brands cannot be created artificially out of someone’s imagination. Rather they have to be based on the local reality and the stakeholders opinion’s, also to gain their support in the development of the brand.