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Leadership development process for culture change

As we have already understood in previous articles, culture changes needs advanced leadership development. This article focuses on the method to make it possible.

Harvard’s tips about culture change

Beyond Kotter’s and BCG models for culture change, Harvard provides us with many tips on how to thrive with the culture change process

BCG model of culture change (II)

Culture change implementation is as much challenging as interesting to learn about: this article explains the key factors for successful culture change implementation

BCG model of culture change (I)

There are many reputable scholars, consulting and academic organizations dedicated to research about culture change. One of them is Boston Consulting Group and this article explains their view on the culture change process

Developing leadership for change: 4 levels of leadership (II)

The two leadership stages prepared for leading change are the Creative and Integrative. This article explains briefly what do they consist of

Developing leadership for change: 4 levels of leadership (I)

To understand how leaders can drive culture change it is first necessary to understand how leaders develop the capability to do so. This article introduces The Leadership Circle Profile framework on leadership development to help you understand so.

Creating and communicating a vision for culture change (II)

The best way to plan the culture change you need to implement is to craft a Case for Change. This article explains briefly what it consists of.

Overcoming resistance to change

Attempting to change an organization’s culture is more than likely to be a daunting challenge, namely because of the many inhibitors to change. This article explains some key strategies to overcome change inhibitors

Kotter’s model of culture change

John Kotter is known as the number one guru of culture change. This article explains his model on how to thrive in changing an organization’s culture

Creating and communicating a vision for culture change (I)

Culture change starts by raising awareness and persuading on the need for the change. This is done by crafting a vision for change