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Create Great Tourism Marketing Content that Works for your Business

Even if I am always stressing the importance of storytelling as the key marketing strategy for destinations, tourism marketing content needs to go beyond stories, to offer all the information that prospect visitors may need to know when planning their trip, and also during their stay, among other considerations. This article explains all the variables to take into account for an effective content marketing strategy.

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Types of content pieces and formats

The more marketing goals we have to attain, the more roles we intend the targets to engage in, the more platforms and devices we want to deliver the content through will necessarily require a broader variety of content pieces and formats

The Marketing Plan 3.0: General tips for the content strategy

An ambitions content strategy is likely to deal with many platforms, target many markets, deliver through many devices, etc. and this complexity requires thoughtful reflection and advice

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Content marketing phases

Content management is about optimizing the usefulness of the content by following conversation, listening and learning, measuring results and repurposing

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Establishing a content delivery calendar

Content needs to be delivered with a consistent and predictable frequency, to keep the audience engaged, but without overwhelming them

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Research on the target audiences

Before crafting the content strategy, it is necessary to research on their habits, preferences and needs to tailor the contents in accordance with their demands