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Cross-destination competitiveness programs: reducing discomforts and risks

As well as it happens with the service quality, there are many issues that usually need to be tackled in the least developed destinations, such as the signage, the pollution, information, etc.

Cross-destination competitiveness programs: improving service quality

Especially in the least developed destinations, service quality is always an issue where to pay attention. In this regard, there are many standard programs that may be developed

Cross-destination competitiveness programs: developing feelings

The destination atmosphere is no doubt a key contributor to its competitiveness, as part of the value received by the tourist. Although it is part of the destination’s nature, there are many programs that may be developed to create positive elements that enhance the atmosphere

Cross-destination competitiveness programs: developing experiences

Imagination is the most precious asset when it comes to improve the value brought to the tourist with the development of new experiences. There are however some ideas to start with…