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Developing value for money

Beyond the spiritual and emotional values, the rational value or value for money should not be disregarded, especially when targeting budget travellers

Developing emotional value: discomforts and risks

Certain risks and discomforts may spoil the experience and therefore harm the destination competitiveness seriously. Many of them may be solved with the right programs, though in many cases they are related to the destination’s nature and thus require a cross-destination program with a strong support from the Government

Cluster development: enhancing value, reducing efforts

In Tourism 3.0, the destination competitiveness is determined by three types of value: spiritual value, emotional value, and value for money. Each of them requires a totally different approach in the competitiveness planning

Cluster competitiveness assessment method

Clusters are the key areas where tourism is developed within the destination, and so need a special attention when assessing the destination competitiveness. To some extent, every cluster is a micro-destination, so long as it has a distinctive character to the rest of clusters