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The destination model as a key factor for competitiveness and sustainability

The destination model is the main strategic framework upon which the tourism development is based. It determines the key variables that define the destination’s identity as eas the key drivers of its growth.

The transformational power of storytelling: raising social consciousness

One of the key interesting points about storytelling training for tourism 3.0 is its power for cultural transformation and community building. They are among the key goals of tourism 3.0 development and key success factors at the same time

The transformational power of storytelling: self-discovery, transferring wisdom and healing traumas

Storytelling training may be a life-changing experience itself: its power for self-discovery and healing traumas may well justify a trip to the destination!

The transformational power of storytelling: skill development

Beyond the marketing purposes, storytelling training may have other goals such as healing traumas, raising social awareness, self-discovery, transfer of values and wisdom, etc.

Types of storytelling training workshops

Beyond training for marketing storytelling, some workshops are also to develop this skill for change leadership or even as a healing therapy

Story innovation concepts: story platform

A story platform is not only the scenario where the story takes place, but also the backbone of the story, the key elements from which every contributor may create his or her own story

Key success factors of stories for culture change

Stories built to drive culture change need to consider some specific factors to ensure effectiveness, as they are to tackle a more complex challenge

Storytelling as a driver of organizational change

Beyond attracting tourists, storytelling is also a powerful strategy to drive a culture change throughout the destination’s DMO and its stakeholders

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Tips to foster engagement throughout the stakeholder community

Engaging is not just about being liked or managing to make others share your content, it is about establishing an emotional and spiritual connection with the network members, empowering them in contributing to the mission accomplishment bringing in their talent and effort

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Engaging local community members, value-driven communities and individuals

Once the key stakeholders are engaged, the local community and the value driven communities are to expand the contributors’ network leveraging the collective intelligence to the utmost