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The transformational power of storytelling: raising social consciousness

One of the key interesting points about storytelling training for tourism 3.0 is its power for cultural transformation and community building. They are among the key goals of tourism 3.0 development and key success factors at the same time

The transformational power of storytelling: self-discovery, transferring wisdom and healing traumas

Storytelling training may be a life-changing experience itself: its power for self-discovery and healing traumas may well justify a trip to the destination!

Storytelling training process: assembling the pieces and reviewing the story

Assembling the audio and visual contents is an art that needs to be trained: crafting a smooth and coherent sequence is not an easy job

Storytelling training process: finding visual supports and audio content

When communicating, images and sound around the story are key elements to help the audience get immersed within the story

Storytelling training process: identifying the key insights

The storytelling training follows a detailed process, starting by the identification of the key story insights

Storytelling training process: identifying the emotions and key moments

Emotions and turning points are the soul of the story and therefore it is essential to identify them all in order to make it an effective marketing tool

Types of storytelling training workshops

Beyond training for marketing storytelling, some workshops are also to develop this skill for change leadership or even as a healing therapy

Storytelling training workshops

To leverage the storytelling power of the visitors and other stakeholders, it is convenient to organize storytelling training workshops that provide the key techniques and coach in the skill development

The story creation process

Beyond inspiration and writing skills, it is convenient to follow certain steps that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the creation process

Monitoring results

As for all strategies, storytelling results need to be monitored to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of the marketing goals. We distinguish four categories of KPI for storytelling marketing: impact, integration, interactivity, and immersion.