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Business ecosystems come of age

As explained in previous posts, Marketing 3.0 envisions the development of innovation ecosystems where businesses find like-minded partners to develop innovative projects with. This articles explains the concept in further detail.

Co-ideation with employees, a first step for a much needed mindset and culture change

Parallel to outsourced open innovation there is innovation open to all members of the organization, also called co-innovation or co-ideation with employees, to leverage their knowledge about the business and the organisation’s weaknesses and strengths

Why is it necessary to create a collaborative culture?

When shifting from one model to another, it is not only the model’s building blocks that change, not just the system, or the rules, but also the behaviors and the values that guide people in their interactions with each other towards a more collaborative culture

Seven habits for a highly successful Co-initiative

In building collaborative business models and promoting collaborative innovation initiatives, there are certain rules that should not be disregarded

The principles and goals of a destination model: coordination

In most cases a destination model encompasses many stakeholders and thus requires a spirit of cooperation between them. That is to be achieved through culture change.

The principles and goals of a destination model: participation

Participation by the destination’s stakeholders is not only necessary to commit them in the destination development, but also to leverage all the collective intelligence necessary to optimize the model design

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Developing a network of professional contributors

As with all other profiles, attracting and engaging professional contributors requires a set of unique strategies, different from the ones for non professional contributors

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Overcoming barriers in the social media adoption

The adoption of the social media tools is likely to be one of the key challenges of the culture change process: tackling with fears and misconceptions requires a thoughtful strategy and implementation

The Marketing Plan 3.0: changing values and behaviors

The implementation of a Marketing system 3.0 entails not only developing new strategies and tactics, but also involving a large community of stakeholders, for it is likely to be necessary to change some of their behaviors and attitudes to foster cooperation and adoption of the social media tools

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Defining targets’ roles

In destination marketing 3.0 we do not only want customers to buy our products, we also want most stakeholders to take one or many roles in contributing to and promoting our destination