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Storytelling as a driver of organizational change

Beyond attracting tourists, storytelling is also a powerful strategy to drive a culture change throughout the destination’s DMO and its stakeholders

Storytelling to build emotional connection

It is through the identification with the story characters that we build an emotional connection with the story and hence with the destination brand

The power of storytelling

Stories work like a mirror where we like to find ourselves, as they help us shape our identity through the characters we admire

Stories are the new marketing

In Tourism 3.0 the target tourists look for stories that inspire them to travel, and they tell their stories too, to inspire other travelers to enjoy the same experiences

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Guidelines for an advocacy strategy

Beyond contribution to the content creation and product development, network members are also to be encouraged to advocate for the brand destination and its mission purpose. They are to be the destination’s brand ambassadors

The Marketing Plan 3.0: Positioning or brand strategy

When crafting the brand strategy, we define the words that are to convey the destination’s value proposition and key attributes, which ultimately define the brand’s identity