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Why is a Bland Place Brand the Fast Path to a Non-Brand? – PART ONE

Despite advocating for stakeholder participation in the branding decision-making process, the right choice is not likely to be the one that pleases all the participants. The marketers opinions should have a much higher consideration, so long as the brand is to attract customers, and that’s the marketers’ job

Whose Place Brand is it Anyway?

As with most strategies, but actually above most of them, branding strategy needs to be consistent and long term lasting to be effective. Therefore, beyond the need for consensus among destination stakeholders, it is necessary that destination executives respect the “branding legacy” of their predecessors and look for consensus in case they see any need for change

Developing destination’s emotional value: feelings

Beyond experiences, the destination atmosphere is also a key emotional factor to take into account, and there are many programs that can be developed to create a special atmosphere that sets the destination apart from others

Developing destination’s spiritual value

Enhancing the destination’s spiritual value is about creating positive impacts both on the environment and the local community, namely in the bottom of the pyramid, integrating all the locals as contributors to the tourism system, and also letting them all profit from the tourism development

Storytelling training process: identifying the key insights

The storytelling training follows a detailed process, starting by the identification of the key story insights

Monitoring results

As for all strategies, storytelling results need to be monitored to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of the marketing goals. We distinguish four categories of KPI for storytelling marketing: impact, integration, interactivity, and immersion.

Controlling the story content quality

As it is done with any kind of marketing content, stories should be checked for a quality control before being delivered through the social media networks

Setting the story style

To facilitate and orientate unexperienced storytellers on how to write their stories about the destination, it is necessary to train them and provide them with a Story style guide

Strategies to foster story virality

Storytelling effectiveness is called virality, but there is no secret formula to make it happen. Beyond inspiration and writing skills, there are some key strategies to follow to enhance your changes of success

What makes stories go viral?

Creating virality is the dream of any storytelling marketer, but there is no magic formula to make it happen. However, there are some tips and guidelines that may inspire us to achieve the desired results