Strategy planning

Destination success nowadays needs thoughtful planning in many areas: clustering to wisely structure the layout of tourist attractions, positioning to determine its identity and value proposition, business portfolio to determine investment priorities, targeting to identify the most attractive markets and segments, communication to draw attention from our targets and sales to materialize such interest into business. Look at our ideas and methods in the Strategy blog section and Whitepapers on Strategy Planning Methods.

Competitiveness planning and product development

Destination success is ultimately based on its capacity to deliver memorable experiences to its visitors without demanding excessive efforts. Competitiveness Plans are therefore based upon innovative product development and cross-destination programs to enhance the sensational experience and reduce barriers, discomforts and insecurities of the visitors. Look at our ideas and methods in the Innovation blog section and Whitepapers on Innovation, Competitiveness and Marketing.

Marketing Planning

The current fast changing market environment requires innovative marketing to set destinations apart from competitors. We propose to develop the Marketing 3.0 approach, as we envision it to be the most effective and efficient strategy, at least on the long term basis. Look at our ideas and methods in the Marketing 3.0 blog section and Whitepapers on tourism marketing.

Market intelligence design and research

As a key input for successful strategy and marketing planning, we work on rigorous and insightful market intelligence projects with both primary and secondary sources, elaborating research studies, surveys and market intelligence system design for tourism destinations. Look at our ideas and methods in the Tourism trends & Intelligence blog section and the Whitepaper Envisioning Destination Intelligence 3.0.

Business model design and innovation

Any business idea needs a model structure before drafting a business plan, encompassing its key partners, key activities, key resources, marketing channels, customer relationships, market segments and value proposition. The balance between these building blocks is to be found through insightful market research, design and testing, and may need to be changed over time, so long as the stakeholders do. Look at our ideas and methods in the Collaborative business modelling blog section and Whitepaper Envisioning Destination Models 3.0.

Mentoring for entrepreneurs

Based on the lean start-up method, we help entrepreneurs in finding out the optimum business model to exploit their idea spending the minimum time and money, to craft a business plan based upon a truly profitable and even scalable model.

Lecturing and training

Adapting the methodology to the audience and learning goals, we usually choose a combination of theoretical and case study based lecturing or a coaching based method where students are given guidance on “how to do” and are then supported on a “learning by doing” approach. We work both in-person and online, offering courses and seminars on the following disciplines:

  • Strategy planning
  • Strategic & operational marketing
  • Market intelligence & monitoring systems
  • Business model design & innovation

Beyond the proposed service portfolio, we are open to listening to the prospect’s needs for other ad-hoc projects. Should you have any query, please do not hesitate to submit your queries using the contact form.