Category: Third sector and social sustainability

Visions and case studies about third sector issues

Searching for a Sustainable Destination Management Model in Jordan

Building a sustainable development model is a challenge for any destination, so long as the balanced point between all forces is difficult to find and usually more difficult to attain. This article provides some clues with the support of a case study.

Why Do We Need Public–Private Partnerships in Sustainable Tourism?

Tourism development can barely ever be carried out by the private sector itself: from the service facilities to the destination marketing, governments have a key role in its development. Shaping collaborative models between private and public sector is therefore essential for the destination’s success.

Destination Management Planning Initiative for the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Sustainable management is one of the key principles of Tourism 3.0. This case study showcases how some of these practices are implemented in a destination.

Best Practices in Integrating Sustainability in Tourism Management and Operations

Implementing the principles of sustainability in the tourism development may be carried out through many different practices. This article briefly describes some of them.

4 Benefits that Sustainable Tourism Development Ensures for Cuba

Cuba tourism industry is a good case study to showcase what sustainable tourism development can do for a destination beyond its tourism industry. This article explains it well.

Six Models to Link Tourism to Conservation (II)

Following with a previous post, Solimar’s research provides many interesting insights on sustainable tourism.

Destination Marketing for Voluntourism

Voluntourism is one of the key concepts within the destination 3.0 system. However, attracting these type of travelers requires different marketing strategies, which you can find explained in this article.

Voluntourism, beyond responsible tourism

Beyond the practices related to responsible tourism, a new wave of tourism is appearing, in which the visitor has an active role in addressing the destination’s social or environmental challenges

Bringing value through social tourism

Corporate Social Responsibility may be developed through many types of policies in the tourism industry. This article explains some of these policies.

Sustainable management of tourism destinations: challenges, goals and advantages

Destination models 3.0 sets not only economic development goals, but also environmental and social sustainability goals. This article develops all the sustainable development goals according to UNWTO