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How to train people in making and telling stories, with some inspirational examples

The ‘Trashtag Challenge’, the new viral challenge that is cleaning beaches all over the world

The Trashtag challenge is a fantastic case study to show how the social media can connect with the worldwide audience and move them to take action in relation to environmental challenges.

Small Town Tourism and Transmedia Storytelling

A lot has been already explained about Transmedia Storytelling, but nothing better than a case study that illustrates how this works for destinations

Using Twitter for Storytelling

Twitter is no doubt one of the most influential social networks, as all marketers know. But telling stories through this microblogging network requires some specific know-how, which is summarized in this article.

New Zealand, a story-marketing destination benchmark

New Zealand is a benchmark destination for many reasons, but its story based marketing is probably one of its top key success factors

Storytelling marketing for the Santiago Way’s pilgrimage

The Santiago Way is a great example to illustrate how life-changing experiences inspire successful storytelling. You have to live it to understand!

The transformational power of storytelling: raising social consciousness

One of the key interesting points about storytelling training for tourism 3.0 is its power for cultural transformation and community building. They are among the key goals of tourism 3.0 development and key success factors at the same time

The transformational power of storytelling: self-discovery, transferring wisdom and healing traumas

Storytelling training may be a life-changing experience itself: its power for self-discovery and healing traumas may well justify a trip to the destination!

The transformational power of storytelling: skill development

Beyond the marketing purposes, storytelling training may have other goals such as healing traumas, raising social awareness, self-discovery, transfer of values and wisdom, etc.

Storytelling training process: assembling the pieces and reviewing the story

Assembling the audio and visual contents is an art that needs to be trained: crafting a smooth and coherent sequence is not an easy job

Storytelling training process: finding visual supports and audio content

When communicating, images and sound around the story are key elements to help the audience get immersed within the story