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Market and business intelligence methods and ideas

Destination Intelligence 3.0: methods and information sources

The privileged position of destination management organizations (DMO) provides them with a great advantage to obtain intelligence from the outbound market stakeholders

Destination Intelligence 3.0: market research specific objectives

There is a vast range of intelligence goals to be considered, depending on the budget and intelligence services to be provided to stakeholders.

Destination Intelligence 3.0: market research goals

The main goals of market intelligence are not only to find new opportunities, but to monitor the markets attractiveness and provide information about the key factors to succeed in marketing destinations in the outbound markets

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Benefits of capturing intelligence in the outbound markets

There is an interesting set of benefits out of the market intelligence activities, as a key input generator for the destination’s strategic and marketing planning

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Approaching tourism 3.0 from the regional level

Destination Intelligence 3.0 is to be a key player in fostering Tourism 3.0 in destinations at the regional and national level, as long as national destinations have greater infrastructure and budget to carry out market intelligence activities, coordinate and influence local destinations

Approaching tourism 3.0: Destination intelligence 3.0

The tourism intelligence 3.0 approach fosters transformation towards a more collaborative and innovative culture at a regional level, also empowering all the industry stakeholders through open innovation to contribute with their knowledge and creativity for a more sustainable tourism development