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Tourism trends and other business’ trends influencing or applicable to the tourism industry

Open innovation strategies for different kinds of outcomes: Co-creation of experiences (I)

Depending on the kind of desired outcome, there is one or another kind of contributors, and so the Open Innovation approach is also different. This article explains the strategies that most usually should apply for the co-creation of experiences.

Developing Mobile Apps for Destinations

Travel Apps are booming along the latest years, also for marketing destinations. But obviously just a few of them can consider themselves successful. This article explains the key to developing Apps that truly stand out and succeed in such a competitive and dynamic market.

Open innovation strategies for different kinds of outcomes: Business Model Innovation (II)

Depending on the type of desired outcome, there are different types of contributors, and so the Open Innovation approach is also different. This article follows the previous explanation about the strategies that usually should apply for business model innovation and strategy- related outcomes.

7 Point Checklist for Writing Engaging Travel Content

Beyond the storytelling tips that have been provided in many articles and White Papers, there are many issues that should be taken into account when marketing destinations, and most importantly in marketing campaigns that attempt to catch the audience attention with a few words or sentences. This article provides many tips to make your marketing content really compelling and attractive to the target audience.

A selection of the best Destination Videos

Marketing destinations is about marketing experiences, and the best way to make people envision the experiences they can live is video content marketing

Designing and developing a network of innovators (III)

Beyond attracting all kinds of contributors, there have to be some strategic guidelines to foster engagement and stimulate contribution on an ongoing basis. This article provides some guidelines for this purpose.

Designing and developing a network of innovators (II)

Following with the first article of this series, this second article focuses on the strategy phases targeting the other three groups of stakeholders: employees outside the marketing team, the destination business partners, the local community members and the value-driven communities.

Designing and developing a network of innovators (I)

Following with the talent attraction strategy, this coming series of three articles explains how to build a network of innovators, setting a roadmap based on three phases for different types of contributors. This article focuses on describing the different kinds of targeted contributors, and defining how to build a network with the first kind of target contributors: the leaders and the influencers.

Collaborative marketing, a key concept to develop Marketing 3.0 for SMEs

Today┬┤s consumers do not want to be mere product buyers, but rather want to collaborate with their favorite brands and participate in the development of new products that better adapt to their needs and motivations.

Operation of the Open Innovation system for destinations (I)

As introduced in previous blogposts, Challenge Driven Innovation (CDI) follows a relatively complex operation system. This series of two articles explain in further detail the operation of a CDI system.