Category: Open innovation

Practices and visions on how to develop and make open innovation work

Destination Intelligence 3.0: operation of the open innovation system

The most successful open innovation practices suggest that it has to be managed based upon formulating specific challenges to focus the innovation efforts most efficiently

Destination Intelligence 3.0: structure of the open innovation system

Open innovation may bring in solutions in many types of areas: technological solutions, business model innovation, product development, marketing contents, etc.

Destination Intelligence 3.0: Leveraging collective intelligence through open innovation

Open innovation is what sets Destination Intelligence 3.0 apart from other comparable proposals. It aims to leverage the collective intelligence of all stakeholders and make them notice how mission driven destinations arise solidarity in terms of free contributions from skilled participants whom in turn may eventually become destination’s brand ambassadors, thus creating a cost advantage over conventional destinations

Destination Models 3.0: Development strategies (II)

Open Innovation system development Being one of the key assets to invigorate creativity and sustain the destination model competitive advantage, it is necessary to design a set of strategies to engage stakeholders in contributing up […]

Destination Marketing 3.0: Mobile Apps 3.0

An interesting way to foster stakeholder contribution and interactivity could be the Mobile Apps 3.0. These would be not only to provide information about the destination, but also to empower tourists and other stakeholders to connect with each other and contribute in the content marketing system

Destination Marketing 3.0: Co-creation workshops

An interesting activity both to promote contribution and to educate people on creating in collaboration are the Co-creation workshops

Destination Marketing 3.0: Content creation contests

One of the activities to foster contribution to the content marketing system may be the content marketing contests, as a special event to generate publicity about the chance to contribute to the destination’s mission accomplishment, among other possible motivations such as social reputation

Destination Models 3.0: Key partnerships

As collaborative models, destination models 3.0 are based upon leveraging the potential of an extensive partner network, where we may find several kinds of profiles

Destination Marketing 3.0: designing life-changing experiences

Designing life-changing experiences is not an easy challenge. It entails following a thorough process hereby explained

Destination Marketing 3.0: Product development through co-creation

In Destination marketing 3.0, product development is carried out through co-creation processes, where co-creators participate motivated by the aim of contribution to the mission accomplisment