Category: Co-creation

Co-creation practices and case studies

Enhancing competitiveness through open innovation

The Open innovation system is to be one of the main sources of ideas for product improvement and new product development. There are, however, many ways to canalize the creativity from the open innovation system

Product development through co-creation

Product co-creation is one of the main distinctive points of Tourism 3.0, but this may be carried out through many different ways

How to develop new products

Developing a new product entails following a specific process, though in the case of the life-changing experiences the method becomes a bit more complex

Cross-destination competitiveness programs: enhancing marketing

Beyond increasing value and reducing efforts, there may be cross destination programs to enhance the entire marketing system

Story innovation concepts: added value & crowd game driven experiences

Beyond the story driven experience in the destination, the story potential for business and influence may be leveraged in many ways, providing added value experiences

Story innovation concepts: story platform

A story platform is not only the scenario where the story takes place, but also the backbone of the story, the key elements from which every contributor may create his or her own story

Destination story based experience prototypes

Envisioning story driven experiences it is necessary that the experience creates compelling stories and that the story receivers have the chance to live their own similar story. The limits are just our imagination…

Story innovation framework and guidelines

When drafting new types of story driven experiences in a destination, there are many variables to take into account, given the potential complexity we can envision

The Marketing Plan 3.0: product development tactics

Product co-creation is one of the hallmarks of destination marketing 3.0, and so the challenge of marketers 3.0 is to develop many effective tactics to leverage the stakeholders’ creativity and drive product co-creation

The Marketing Plan 3.0 Product strategy: developing life-changing experiences

The life-changing experiences are one of the main competitive advantages that set destinations 3.0 apart from others, and are to be developed through co-creation with the contribution of the creative stakeholders