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Change towards a more innovative and collaborative culture

The Tipping Point’s theory for expanding destinations 3.0 (I)

The Tipping Point theory explains how social epidemics happen, unfolding the key factors that make some epidemics succeed, to help as also understand a bit more about the underlying rules of human behavior

Fostering engagement and high performance

Beyond culture change to build collaborative and innovative organizations, it is also necessary to create a culture oriented to engagement and performance. This article provides a few clues on how to make this happen.

Building a culture of innovation: key strategies

Implementing culture change to foster innovation friendly mindsets and behaviors should be carried out following a series of specific strategies.

Building a culture of innovation: key attitudes

As it happens with the collaborative culture, building a culture of innovation requires specific attitudes on the leaders’ side to trigger innovation friendly behaviors on the rest of the organization.

How collaborative leaders manage to build a collaborative culture

Building a collaborative culture, as in any culture change process, requires appropriate leadership. Collaborative leaders are therefore the first and most important change driver.

Building a culture of collaboration: key success factors

One of the hallmarks of destinations 3.0 is the power of the collaborative culture. However, building such kind of culture is sometimes a daunting challenge, which needs to take into account several success factors

Developing internal leadership talent

Destinations 3.0 rely on the community’s human resources for their development. Therefore it is necessary to train and develop the local talent’s leadership skills, among others.

How leadership makes the culture change

Leadership is the key element that triggers culture change, by selling the vision, walking the talk and developing a strategy that lets the people see some positive results of the culture change already in the short term, leaders manage to drive the culture change.

Leadership development process for culture change

As we have already understood in previous articles, culture changes needs advanced leadership development. This article focuses on the method to make it possible.

Harvard’s tips about culture change

Beyond Kotter’s and BCG models for culture change, Harvard provides us with many tips on how to thrive with the culture change process