Mission and goals

Envisioning tourism 3.0 Ltd. is born to foster and inspire a progressive shift in the destination models, management and marketing systems towards a more collaborative and integrative approach that leverages the collective intelligence and creativity to constantly improve the destination competitiveness and marketing effectiveness through a new value proposition based upon a human spirit driven mission to address the stakeholders concerns. For such purpose, there are many goals to be accomplished:

  • Inspire new tourism developments driven by collaboration among local stakeholders to accomplish missions addressing issues related to poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and socio-cultural transformation.
  • Foster collaboration within mission driven destinations to develop powerful business models which boost their marketing system and mission accomplishment.
  • Develop innovative tourism management systems to tackle the new challenges derived from increasing rivalry and other changing competitive forces.
  • Foster transformation towards a mission driven tourism development appealing to the new wave of creative tourists’ human spirit.
  • Envision innovative approaches on how tourism destination models may embrace the new social and business trends encompassed under the Vision of Tourism 3.0