Month: April 2021

Open innovation strategies for different kinds of outcomes: Business Model Innovation (I)

Depending on the type of desired outcome, there are different kinds of contributors, and so the Open Innovation approach is also different. This article explains the strategies that most usually should apply for business model innovation and strategy- related outcomes.

7 Point Checklist for Writing Engaging Travel Content

Beyond the storytelling tips that have been provided in many articles and White Papers, there are many issues that should be taken into account when marketing destinations, and most importantly in marketing campaigns that attempt to catch the audience attention with a few words or sentences. This article provides many tips to make your marketing content really compelling and attractive to the target audience.

Reward and reputation system to foster contribution in Open Innovation (II)

Beyond the will for contribution to the greater good, which applies to non-profit innovation challenges, the main way to attract talent and engage contribution is the reward and reputation system, which has to be carefully designed to accurately assess and fairly compensate innovators for the value they bring in.